About us

Gourmet Italiano Cascais


Simona, daughter of Enrico and Marisa, was born in Venice. She has a degree in humanities and speaks five languages. She loves travelling, and travel itself has been her own work for more than twenty years.
Simona loves living in the open air, walking in the mountains and practising pilates. She appreciates the taste of delicious dishes.
A nice fellow named Morris winned her heart, and together they decided to leave Italy and have a new start.
Simona is not a TV lover, but she does not miss one of Grey’s Anatomy episodes.


Morris was born in Turin, where he spent most of his life, alternating periods of study and travels all around the world. He got a master of environmental engineering and, in 2017, after twelve years of academic research work, he decided to start a new life.
Morris loves to cook for family and friends. He loves the silence and the beauty of nature.
He loves art, and Caravaggio in particular. He loves his family, the company of friends and good wine… and Simona, of course.

A bit of history

Gourmet Italiano was born in September 2021, after several years of research to find the right place with the right qualities. Everything you find here is the result of the work done by Morris and Simona who chose graphics, colors, materials, equipment, products and producers.

We decided to exclude the great distribution and to give space to small artisan realities of the Italian territory, whose products are prepared in the old fashion, i.e. with time, care and love, using only selected ingredients.

Almost all the products available at Gourmet Italiano are imported directly from Italy. We select every producer and personally taste each product we offer to our clients. We organize logistics and transport. We coordinate the suppliers distribution. At times, it may happen that a product is out of stock, and some time is required before the new supply arrives. All good things need time and patience.