The pre-cooked pinsa base is a semi-finished product made only with simple and natural ingredients: water, salt, Italian extra virgin olive oil and a blend of flours. They are handcrafted according to an innovative method which provides for a natural leavening of over 60 hours.
Each piece is prepared, worked and stretched by hand by our experts.

The hand spreading allows the particular and unmistakable honeycombing of the dough, giving it more crunchiness. The different hydration of the dough makes the product far more digestible than the traditional pizza.

230 gr

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Laltrapizza, these are semi-finished products made with only simple and natural ingredients, all the process and its phases; dough, leavening, cooking and packaging are constantly subjecting to strict control to ensure a result of the highest quality.

Gourmet Italiano has selected for you the pizza base, the pinsa base and the pinsotto.