Sundried tomatoes in Olive Oil



A classic of Italian cuisine, the dry tomato with its flavours brings to mind the dishes of the peasant tradition: in a sandwich with extra virgin olive oil and some capers, on a fresh burrata for a tasty single dish, in spaghetti with oil and chilli.

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Frantoio Sant’agata is an oil mill located in the small, picturesque village of Sant’Agata d’Oneglia, in the hilly countryside of Imperia, overlooking the Ligurian coast.

The company has been making typical regional products from small, highly aromatic Taggiasca olives for over 190 years. Their olive trees are pruned and harvested by hand, and the olives are cold-pressed on the same day to create an aromatic, naturally pure, oxidant-free olive oil.

Frantoio Sant’agata’s products are highly regarded by lovers of Mediterranean cuisine worldwide, including famous chefs and the best delicatessen dealers.